Pre-conference Workshops

Clergy to Clergy

Ordained Catholic clergy are invited to an exclusive day of content devoted to stewardship at the pastoral level.

Fr. Darrin Gurr
St. Gianna Baretta Molla Parish, Winnipeg, MB

Join Fr. Darrin Gurr, the founding pastor of St. Gianna Baretta Molla parish in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He will be leading three of the four sessions of the day.

Outline for Fr. Darrin’s Sessions:

As financial resources become more and more scarce in the parish setting, pastors are under great pressure to raise money. Not trained as a fundraiser and not part of the pastor’s natural job description, many pastors feel overwhelmed and under-supported in this responsibility. In this full day seminar, Fr. Darrin J.G. Gurr will present some guiding principles on stewardship that will assist pastors in fulfilling their role in the task of raising money.

Cardinal Thomas Collins
Archbishop of Toronto

Along with Fr. Darrin’s sessions the conference is extraordinarily blessed to welcome Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, to do a very special session with our clergy.  This session is a wonderful opportunity for clergy to receive teaching from one of the Princes of the church, a former Western Canadian Bishop and a studied and articulate speaker on Stewardship.

Annual Diocesan Appeal

Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation

For the 2019 conference, the Foundation will provide an in-depth review of Diocesan Annual appeals in Canada and the USA in hopes of discovering best practices to share with our attendees.  In this pre-conference day we will look at different approaches to annual appeals including goal setting, messaging, materials, and challenges.

Session 1 – Canadian Appeals

Annual appeal surveys have been sent to Canadian Dioceses in the hopes of comparing strategies and shedding light on where our challenges and successes lie in an ever changing society where the needs are greater than ever.

Session 2 – US Diocesan Annual Appeal Benchmarking Study Highlights

We are very privileged to have been given permission by Prenger Solutions Group, experts in Diocesan Appeals and online giving, to share the results of their recent Benchmarking study of over 100 US Dioceses.  While the data is from the US, these are the same challenges faced here in Canada and the key findings of this presentation are not to be missed.   John Rogers, VP of Prenger Solutions, will be joining us during the weekend to further discuss these findings and the ways Dioceses are working to improve their appeals.

Session 3

In this panel discussion we drill down into some of the main practical areas of running an appeal, including messaging, volunteerism and more.

Session 4

The pre-conference Annual Appeal day ends with a workshop devoted to sharing ideas and brainstorming new ways of approaching challenges as we go forward to make a difference in the great work of the Church.

Opening Plenary Talk with Cardinal Thomas Collins

Conference Track Sections

Faith-Based Fund Development Programs:

Diocesan and parish programs play an essential role in increasing revenue and engagement.

Friday, June 7th

  • Capitol Campaigns Part One – Campaign Readiness – Key Components to becoming campaign ready with Don Gorsalitz
  • Are Your Affairs in Order: A Catholic Approach to your Legacy of Faith and Life! with Jocelyne Hamoline
  • Major Gifts and Planned Giving TBD
  • Bishop Mark Hagemoen & Don Gorsalitz

Saturday, June 8th

  • Challenges of Diocesan Fundraisers TBD
  • Diocesan Benchmarking: Analysis and Q & A with John Rogers
  • Capitol Campaigns Part Two – Implementing a Campaign Strategy with Don Gorsalitz

Christian Stewardship, our Collective Call:

What stewardship is, developing
the stewardship message and putting it into practice at diocesan
and parish levels.

Friday, June 7th

  • Everyday Stewardship in Everyday Language for Everyday People with Tracy Welliver
  • Leadership is our First Stewardship with Brett Powell
  • Making our Goods the Good News with Fr. Steve Penna
  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room with Bishop Bryan Bayda

Saturday, June 8th

  • Stewarding our Family with Colm & Sharon Leyne
  • The “Why” of a Stewardship Way of Life with Tracy Welliver
  • Stewardship: A Way of Life and Parish Development with Jocelyne Hamoline

Engaging our Faith Communities (communicating stewardship):

Practical ways to instil stewardship as a way of life throughout our parishes and diocese.

Friday, June 7th

  • Opening talk TBD
  • There’s a Story in Here Somewhere – why isn’t anyone listening? – with Debra Pozega Ozburn
  • Communicating with Youth and Millennials – TBD
  • Crisis Communications with Jason Abeg

Saturday, June 8th

  • The 4 C’s of Effective Parish Communication with Tracy Earl Welliver
  • Beyond the Bulletin with Jacquie Berg
  • Digital Communications and Stewardship for Parishes with John Rogers

Closing Plenary Talk

Daring to Think Differently with Joseph Daniel Potvin